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"Google Adwords for beginners: What and when to use it?"

Google Adwords can be a very useful tool, or the worst investment. To begin, we have to understand what is Google Adwords and how it works.

What is Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the program used by Google to offer sponsored advertising service to potential advertisers.

Adwords sponsored ads appear on:

• Simultaneously with the results of natural or organic searches. At the top or right side, tend to have a different background color to differentiate the organic results as well as an indicator in the top right. This area is referred to Adwords Search Network and Search Network partners, including other sources related to Google.

• In areas of web pages in the form of banners, you can be images, videos or text. This is known as the creators of web pages like Google Adsense. Google shares the revenue from such advertisements with the owners of the websites. In Adwords, this area is called the Display Network. Ads are more flexible than text ads Search Network. Among the types of ads include images, dynamic banners, Youtube, etc..

Common Mistakes!

1. Stinging iinversion

As with traditional advertising, the more you pay the better job appears, or at best time of day. Depending on your budget, you may show up in 1st, 2nd ... or the 6th or 7th Position (or more), especially if your company operates in a highly competitive market. Look at this picture to understand exactly where the results are placed Google Adwords:

 ... and, let's be honnest ... nobody wants to be on the right side! Why? Simply because most people have embedded in your brain that the right side is reserved for advertising, expensive things and possibly fraud (not saying that's true, because it is not. But just think most users ...). It's like an advertisement that only appear in a dark and narrow street instead of appearing on the freeway.

2. The duplicate

Google Adwords is a service of "pay per clicks". It means that you pay only when people give you "click" your "link" in Google. You can set a daily limit of money you want to spend and thus control your budget.

Many companies follow a complementary strategy consisting of (a) a promotion through Google Adwords to be directly on the ads on the first page of Google results, and (b) while a promotion through other means of positioning which are called "organic search" and let up the "ranking" of your page to appear in Google gradually better results by keywords that are defined at the beginning of the digital marketing campaign.

If the organic positioning is good shape, chances are that after a while the organic result and the result using Google Adwords will be on the same page. Inclusive are many examples of companies that have the third search corresponding to its position by Google Adwords and fourth corresponding to organic search. In this case, it is clear that the strategy of Google Adwords is no longer necessary. If the client / potential visitor finds its "link" on the first page of results, have this "link" 2 times is useless. So now your money and do not do more Google Adwords.

When using Google Adwords?

Actually there are two very specific cases where an organization (especially SMEs or MSMEs) to use Google Adwords:

1. Recently competed Market

If you move into a little competitive market and positioning your organic still does not allow you to be in the first pages of Google as your keywords, you can opt for Google Adwords. Is beneficial because spending will not be as high (less competition to appear in the top results) and can appear directly on the first page of results, even if your company has very little time there.

2. Differentiating Keywords

If you move into a market with plenty of competition, think first about what makes you different. Like any marketing strategy, differentiation will give you more visibility. For example, if you are a tourism company in Paris, it is likely that competition is going to be tremendous. With the keywords "business tourism" or "tourism Paris", at least that your company is one of the best known and oldest of the French capital, you're never going to appear in the first pages of Google. However, if your company is not specialized in the organization of evening gathered in "segway" in Paris, now you have some keywords that are going to put in the top results when someone searches for such services.

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