viernes, 1 de agosto de 2014

Content is the present and future of digital marketing

In this moment the universe of digital marketing is eye placed in the "content strategy." This is a logical progression considering marketing in general is the connector between brands or companies with your prospect. So, all these strategies the user placed in the eye of their actions (especially in the techniques of SEO search engine optimization).

You need a content strategy because:

- The current SEO progress in this direction. The clearest ejempl0 are new updates that Google has (Humingbird).

- Users are already tired of advertising and so violent are more attracted by the quality content.


1 - Good content is what informs or entertains: The error only focus on the purely corporate content regardless of what the main needs of users is primarily was directed to.

2 - Use accessible language: If your language is too technical to offer a very casual everyday or to offer a product in a company more focused product, the actual message can be lost along the way.

3 - Include an emotional component: If you wake up will achieve emotional content to engage your customer and this will actually be much closer to your products or services.

4 - Focus on the most used keywords for your product: Once you have the insert you have to strike a balance and not be penalized on optimize for SEO.

5 - Combination of Content: For a rich content strategy, a good combination of text, photos and video mainly always sum.

6 - Accessibility in all social networks: must involve elegantly content with the various buttons on the major social networks to gain visibility.

7 - Convenient Navigation: There are elements that seem not to be so important, but you need to keep in mind because users do not observe the content but the most relevant look.
- Appropriate font size
- Combining text with images
- Use short paragraphs

As you can see, the content has become the present and future of digital marketing and all marketers should pay attention to improve their content strategies and to have a better connection with the potential audience.

What are the essential points for you in a content marketing strategy?

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